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Friday, May 28, 2010

Look Mom! I'm a Winner!

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of watching our little one compete in her very first competition ever! I know, I know we are little late in getting her into training gear for the Olympics. We should have started her at 2 years old. Nevertheless we stood by and cheered her on as she swam the length of the pool in 3 different races. Look out Phelps...you have some competition comin'.

When I introduced the idea of the competition to my daughter, who of course is the most competitive little thing I have ever seen, she said in her charming little way, "Oh, mommy is that the thing we go to and win? I definitely want to do it." Well, I wasn't going to break her little heart and tell her that she may not win so I just left that part out, seeing as though she was excited and all.

The day came, and she could hardly sleep the night before so I knew she was excited. Her first event was the freestyle, she swam her little fishy heart out. Just jumped in and went for it. She was one of the last to finish and she was so freakin cute. She climbed right out of the water and yelled (in her biggest ever outside voice) "I WON"! And she really believed it too! It was one of her proudest moments. I just smiled real big and of course everyone around her was smiling too (laughing really) because of her enthusiasm. We all clapped and the day went on and she carried that moment with her. It is really amazing that if you just believe in yourself as a winner, you will be. She believed she was a winner and therefore she is. Her last event was the butterfly. She was so tired, could hardly get her arms up each stroke but she finished! I have to give that girl credit. She has the confidence of a Lion and the perseverance I admire so much. I am still shocked every day that I learn so much from her. When I began this journey of motherhood, I always thought it was I who would teach my daughter, but on the contrary at times, I find it she who teaches me.

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