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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A week of Summer Camp for FREE ....What?

I love to have my kids involved in some kind of summer activity that takes them out of the house and I prefer that it be educational or physically active. This is not only because I love it when they come home totally wiped out from a day of fun and exciting adventures but also it helps me keep my sanity. That time has come when our kids will have more free time on their hands than we or they know what to do with. In my Saturday blogging travels I came across a giveaway for a One Week of FREE Summer Camp (half day) from Champions Science Adventures at The Mom Reviews. I love this site by the way , tons of awesome usable giveaways. This is one of those giveaways that I really didn't want to alert the press to if you know what I mean. I was hoping to keep this fabulous find all to myself. But in order to reap the full benefits of my possibilities to become the winner of this most awesome contest, I decided to partake in the extra 5 entries that blogging about this event would give me:). Now that the truth is out and you know my true motives here, I'll get on with the details in the interest of bloggy mom's valuable time.

For more information on this camp and details on the contest all you have to do is head over to The Mom Reviews and check it out. Champion Science Adventures has camps all across the county. I found 3 locations within a few mile radius of my house and at least 10 within a 20 mile radius so this contest is one that most can benefit from.

But remember, this is our little secret.

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  1. I checked out the giveaway after reading about it here, but fortunately for your chances, our oldest child is barely too young to attend. Since I am not entering, I hope that you win instead. Good luck.

    I am following you from Friendly Friday Follow - I know I'm late, but I'm still making my rounds. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at http://cakeblast.com:)